Haute Healing Oasis

The Rooms

Haute Sauna’s signature private spa rooms allow you to select your own healing environment. Each spa room has been tastefully appointed, selecting colors, textures and other décor that compliments one another, working seamlessly together creating an atmosphere that is comfortable, relaxing and haute.

Each room at Haute Sauna features its own spacious three person infrared sauna, Young Living essential oil aromatherapy as well as guest selectable chromotherepy lighting. 


Abundant finances, abundant joy, abundant love, what does abundance mean to you?
Come experience the worries of the outside world melt away as you step inside Abundance, a private spa space drenched in warm golds, deep reds and gorgeous dark woods. Abundance will leave you wanting for nothing but to revisit it again and again.



Life flying by? Is work chaotic?  Need to unplug and reset?
We invite you to take time for yourself, to unwind, recompose and regain control.  In Balance you will find simplicity, a private spa space adorned in rich woods, lush greenery and other special touches that will allow you to refocus on whats most important … you. Come find out why they say Balance is the secret of a happy life. 


Let it out and take it in!
In Exhale you will find a respite from the outside world, a private spa space that encourages you to let it all go. Exhale is decorated in tropical greens, lush warm oranges and dark woods that allow your body and mind to relax, to slow down, to sigh with relief and exhale. 



We cannot change the winds, but we can adjust our sails.
Step inside this private spa space and begin to understand that all things are connected. Outfitted in sultry grays, modern glass, brushed metals and other unique elements that encourage surrender and the desire to let your cares drift away. A space that allows you to let things go and let life flow.


A simple flower, a complex definition.

Patience, purity, passion, the lotus represents many things to many people. Delicately designed in gentle blue hues, organic browns, and subtle white accents this private spa space inspires rebirth and new beginnings. Come experience this Lotus and decide what it inspires in you.



A flower does not compete with the other flowers, it just blooms. 

Be yourself, and all the beauty that is you. This oversized private spa space was designed to be the start or end of a perfect date but can be utilized by solo guests who want a little more room to stretch out as well.  Soft whites, iridescent blues and other elements harmoniously work together to create this unique and truly memorable environment.  Stop and experience the Rose room.