Haute Happenings for the week of February 25th

Dear Members,

Thank you for stopping by our open house on Friday. We enjoy hearing from you and connecting with you here at Haute Sauna. The life-changing benefits of infrared is something to be excited about. 
We want to teach you on a deeper level how to integrate this detoxing lifestyle into your practical life the moment you walk out of Haute Sauna...

Check out this week's Haute Happenings:

Feel like you're stuck? Want to supplement your healthy lifestyle with cutting edge tactics that will propel your health to the next level? Want to find a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to eliminate the toxins from your home? 

This Thursday, March 1st from 7 to 8 p.m., we will be having our first Young Living Essential Oils 101 workshop in our lobby, free to you, from 7-8pm.
Learn the basics about Young Living Essential Oils and what sets them apart from any other company in the world. Come and try some oily treats and enter a raffle to win some prizes that you can't afford to miss!

See you In Haute.

In gratitude and health,
Jessica and Peter Chichester
Haute Sauna Founders

What's Haute this Week:

With the rise of Rose room and in the exit of this love month, we can't wait to bring you some exciting news. This week, Haute Sauna will be debuting our sixth signature spa room, Rose. Rose is unlike anything and full of unexpected warmth, room, and clarity. Book your Rose infrared session later this week.

Enhance your Rose experience:
What does it mean to tap into your Rose?
Learn to grow from within with this guided meditation:
Meditation of the Roses:

Want to rise higher? Expect the unexpected with this meditative affirmation practice. This is a Haute signature favorite:

Vibrate in love and connect on a deeper level through the beauty and clarity Rose offers through this unique 528hz frequency: