Energy Healing

Our Energy Healing services are based on the principle of free and uninterrupted energy flow, activating the natural healing processes of your body and restoring well-being. We help clients to reduce their stress and anxiety among other physical imbalances. The treatments include a combination of unique energy clearing and balancing techniques. Guided meditation may be combined with this service.

60 minutes $ 125.00
30 minutes $ 70.00

Sound Healing — Biofield Tuning

Sound has the power to heal. We know this from Western science and ancient tradition. After each Energy Healing session our clients express feeling relaxed and renewed. Here we are offering another type of energy healing called Biofield Tuning. A gentle and powerful treatment that clears and balances the energies in and around the body. A deeply relaxing and transformative experience. Your body and mind will feel open, released from stress and restored.

60 Minutes $135.00
30 Minutes $ 80.00