Haute Healing Oasis is a perfect culmination of Jessica's extensive knowledge of health and fitness with Peter's business skills and vision. Their goal was to create an environment that caters to people's health and wellness while being pampered in a luxurious spa setting. They were recently interviewed and said "Of course we want our guests to rave about the treatment, but we want them to gush about the staff and the environment as well. We want people to LOVE getting Healthy!"


Our Story

Jessica and I are Stamford natives - born and raised. She is a school teacher at Cloonan Middle School and I am a career firefighter stationed just around the corner from Haute Healing Oasis.  A few years ago I injured my back responding to a fire.  My doctor recommended using a infrared sauna to help with the inflammation and pain. After doing our own research, we purchased one for our home. I can honestly say the results have been fantastic. Not only is my back pain diminished, but we both have experienced rejuvenated hair and skin, lower blood pressures, better moods, lower stress levels as well as lots and lots of sweat, a.k.a toxins removed.   

Jessica Chichester

Is a Hall of Fame Power-lifter, fitness model, instructor and teacher. Her career in health and fitness spans over 15 years. Her fitness profile extends into martial arts, fencing, yoga as well as comprehensive holistic remedies using essential oils and other non-traditional methods. Jessica's love of fitness, natural remedies and spirituality make her a fountain of inspiration for all that meet her. Jessica’s constant thirst for wellness is the driving force behind Haute Healing Oasis.

Peter Chichester

A creative visionary, professional firefighter, entrepreneur and lifelong resident of Stamford, Peter has a long history of creating incredible experiences for people out of nothing.  Years ago Peter produced large scale non-profit Halloween events in Stamford with enormous success generating profits for those organizations of over $100,000.  As a career firefighter in Harbor Point Peter has always been physically fit and active, but it was not until he met his wife Jessica that his passion for health and wellness really caught fire.