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What to Expect

Upon entering Haute Healing Oasis, you will be greeted by our friendly spa coordinator who will welcome and check you in. You will be shown to your private spa room and instructed on the recommended procedures for infrared therapy, the correct use of the entertainment options, cooling functions, bathroom and private shower facilities.

Each of our tastefully appointed spa rooms feature a spacious three-person infrared sauna, Young Living essential oil aromatherapy as well as guest selectable chromotherepy lighting. You will be given access to your spa room for a full hour. This allows ample time to disrobe, relax and enjoy the 30-minute recommended infrared therapy, shower and redress.

Our goal is to make your time at Haute Healing Oasis as relaxing as possible, so that your body can be fully receptive to all the healing benefits that we provide.

We want you to ask,We want you to ask,  “How can something that feels so good, be so good for me?”


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60 Minute Infrared Spa Session

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Glow - 4 Sessions per month
Shine - 8 Sessions per month
Radiate - 12 Sessions per month
Illuminate - Unlimited Sessions per month

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  • Please arrive to your appointment on time and be mindful of the appointment following yours

  • Remember to drink plenty of water before and after your session, it is important to stay hydrated.

  • We recommend removing any makeup and oils/perfume/lotion before entering the Sauna.

  • How you sweat is up to you, Bring comfortable loose clothing, a bathing suit, or nothing at all to enjoy your session to the fullest.

  • Please maintain “indoor volume” speaking voices when visiting Haute Sauna.

  • For your own health and protection please refrain from bringing disposable plastic water bottles into the sauna. For your convenience we Provide Kube advanced water filtration in sustainable glassware.

  • Please be mindful of where you place your jewelry and valuable when visiting, we are not responsible for any items left behind or lost.

  • If using our showers after your sauna, it is recommended to take a cold/cool rinse off shower without the use of soap or shampoos to rinse off the toxins and to close the pores.

  • Leave your linens where they lie, we are happy to collect them after your session.

  • We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel a booked session within the 24-hour period your session may be forfeited and/or charged.